How to create a 2019-ready website?

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Here we stand at the dawn of yet another year. 2019 saw the birth of some new trends, while some trends disappeared altogether. Although this holds true for every industry, here we are concerned with the ever-evolving world of the Internet where things change constantly.  Even as we talk about it right now, new innovations are happening in the online industry. Chula Vista Web design, which is a natural extension of the Internet marketing, or also known as digital marketing is experiencing a revolution of sorts and the coming year will see the culmination of some cool web design trends.

Web design is the most important aspect of a website. Just like everyone having a business, however small or big, needs a website, similarly every website needs good web design. But what exactly makes web design important?

Why do you want to care about web design?

A good web design is as important as having a website itself. Think about it. What is the purpose of your website?

It might be conversion or brand awareness or maybe it is just pure information that you want to provide through the website.

Whatever might be the intention, your efforts should be on providing the visitors with quick and easy access to what they came looking for. And this is why good web design matters. Whenever a visitor comes to your website he already knows what he is there for and the landing page should be able to present him with all that without him even requiring scrolling. A good design facilitates a similar end result creating a loyal fan following or customer base.

Things that you might consider including in your web design in 2020

With the evolution of technology, there are certain necessary amendments required to keep websites relevant and consumer friendly. The emergence of mobile is the biggest game changer that has transformed the web design industry in the last few years.  As more people use smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets for accessing the web, designers are adopting new techniques and trends for meeting the new challenges. If you are a website owner, here are some of the changes that you also might consider including in the coming year:

Infinite scrolling:

Infinite scrolling is one of the most acclaimed techniques in the world of web design, and yet we are still far away from witnessing widespread adoption of it in websites.  Also known as endless scrolling or continuous scrolling, the technique auto loads the content of second page when the user reaches at the bottom of the page so that it is not necessary to look for pagination buttons to go to the next part.  From the current notable examples, Facebook Newsfeed uses it. This scrolling was also a feature of Apple’s iBook 3.0 where the reader could easily go through a bestseller using vertical scrolling.

Handwritten fonts & Flat design:

In the age of social media, adding a personal touch to every communication is the latest fad. Its obvious advantage is the feeling that it comes directly from a person and not a computer or robotic device. Such personalization has always been welcomed in the world of signage and sign companies.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2019 was the year of flat design. When a whole operating system (Windows 8) is modeled on the principles of flat design, you can easily predict the importance and the bright future associated with it. Apple went flat with its iOS7 which featured a complete flat design overhaul and it has quickly crept into website design. The benefits are more than just visual appeal. It also boosts the existing performance level.

Responsive mobile design:

Much has already been said about the importance of responsive design. Mobile traffic now accounts for more than one-third of the total website traffic and it’s only going to increase in 2019. Earlier mobile-specific websites were created to address these consumers, which needed a separate design team, server space and maintenance costs. However, with responsive design, it all boiled down to sticking to specific CSS and HTML5 codes so as to make a site react as per the screen size on which it is being viewed. Not only does it reduce the expenses of maintaining a separate website, it also lends it a professional aura. 2019 will make RWD the de facto standard rather than an anomaly in website designing.

Ultimate guide to impressive and flat design

October 9, 2018 DESIGNirvana 0

It can be very much stated that the bygone years have been the years of flat design. All have been busy trying different levels of flat design and trust us, flat design is ever trending and seems to continue doing so. If you are also one of them who is ready to get started but are unsure about how you would go about it, we are there to help you explore them out right away.

If you are interested in swimming out a bit deeper and test out the flat design waters, here we go.

Flat design

So what is flat design? It is actually something that has the ability to trick and help the designers create a three-dimensional or even a realistic effect. This is one style that is often characterized by the minimalistic look and the muted and bold colors. Flat designs use typography that is simple along with simple icons and buttons. These often include drop shadows, artificial textures, and gradients.

Flat design can be held responsible for bringing back the emphasis on the minimalist design and have contributed in changing the attitude of the designers who have not been using the flat style techniques. They have returned back to the simple and the most basic typography. The emphasis is more on the sharp shapes and lines.

User interface kits

They are simply one of the best and greatest ways to get started on the flat design projects. When you are looking for trends, these kits can help you save time. A lot of user interface kits are available in PSD file formats and can be edited, provided you feel comfortable with the software. The options are growing with time and in the time to come, you will get plenty of them.

Don’t focus too much on the color while you choose one among the kits. A lot of kits are known to use colors that can be termed as ‘usable’ but the color scheme can be changed with just a few clicks. Pay attention to the saturation and contrast.

Metro UI kit

It is one of the brighter, beautiful and colorful kits that one can put into use. These have simple typography, attractive and colorful blocks and lot more interesting elements. It rules the usability factor when it comes to colors and style. This is also one kit that includes the chart, menus, icons, calendar, stats, and the search elements.

Polaris UI

These have a good range of panels and buttons and contain some of the exclusive features in the flat design. These kits include plenty of elements so enjoy and have fun.

LIL UI kit

These have so many interesting elements and matched pieces and are definitely a treat for all who are willing to put them into use. These do include almost 18 categories of elements. Vector kit in this is known to be customizable and it was specifically designed keeping the visual consistency and simplicity in mind.

Erste UI

These contain a good number of basic elements such as the menus, media player and the social login buttons. Colors are one of the important and crucial characteristics of the flat design and are known to put primary hues palettes into use.

Flat UI kit

These kits contain a huge number of elements right from the interesting navigation to the drop-down menus and ecommerce modules to the social sharing tools and a lot more. With this kit at service, you are up for getting spoiled.

Featherweight UI

It is a simple UI kit that includes simple icons, photo scroll, menus, and scroll widgets. It has the capability of playing more retro color allowing people to choose from one of their favorite themes out there. Even though the kit is not that large, you can still expect it to be elegant in terms of style and substance.

Vertical infinity

It is by the CSS author and also retina-ready. It should also be added that it is one of the biggest free kits that are available in the current time. It is highly manageable and actually includes plenty of other features such as the drop-down menus, widget formation and social icons and a lot more. It has a style that can actually be called “basic” without actually incorporating loads of extras. The good thing with these is that these can be easily used in almost any kind of application.

You can also grab the easily available free icons and most of the kits are available for almost free. A lot of those icons are specifically designed keeping the mobile device applications in mind. On the other hand, these icons can also serve plenty of other purposes and can go on to making some of the great and really amazing website buttons. While you are choosing them, make sure that you look for kits that do contain icons in different size options good enough to meet your requirements. However, when used too large, they can also lead to loss of quality.

Top 15 most talked-about web design trends

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Designing a website is a work of art and it requires complete knowledge of the latest tools, trends, and techniques. There have been new design trends coming in limelight from time to time and this changing trend has been there to attract and influence website visitors in a positive manner. As we move further with the latest design technologies, the web today is changing dynamically with vibrant updates. New website designs are aimed at easing the access of information, networking with social contacts and accomplishment of other tasks. Out of all the trending designs of the year, these 15 designs have gained a top spot among various other design techniques.

The introduction of CSS3 and HTML5 has completely changed the whole design approach in a progressive manner, designers got the much-needed momentum to try out and explore various new design techniques purely using CSS and HTML.

Here is a collection of top 15 most talked-about web design trends to watch for!

Responsive Single-Page Designs

The trend of responsive web layouts has been there for some time and is there for a prime motto of creating a single design matching all the devices available. However, designing websites on a single page is the latest trend followed nowadays. The combination of the responsive design of a single page website is trending a lot among the designers of today.

Retina Display Support

Devices with retina displays have been already introduced to the consumers that are capable of displaying high-resolution media. So, the latest trend follows with creating high-resolution retina-display compatible web pages.

Fixed Header Bars & Mobile Navigation

Making navigation easy has been the prime task of all the web designers. Following this concern, fixed header bars have been introduced at the top of a web page that is visible continuously at the top of the web page to provide easy access. Also, mobile navigation links are gaining popularity that provides ease of navigation to the user while navigating through the site.

Fullscreen Backgrounds & Typography

The idea of full-screen backgrounds and attractive typography is a brilliant attention grabber for visitors. A proper fitting provides a pleasing design to the viewers giving an extra edge to the website design.

Transparent Elements

CSS3 provides advanced properties for adding transparency to web page elements. This transparency provides a lively look to the web page design and is trending a lot.

Simple and Minimal Landing Page

The latest idea for selling products online is to keep the website simple and focus on a minimalist view for core focus on the product.

QR Codes

Barcodes have been replaced by Quick Response (QR) codes. These codes have evolved to catch up with the fast response needs. These codes have found a place on websites to provide quick access to coded data.

Illustrative Web pages

Illustrations are a better way of capturing the attention of a visitor. Creating illustrative web pages requires artistic and creative skills to create appealing designs.

Infinite Scrolling

The idea of infinite scrolling has been over the internet for some time, but it is now that this design has gained a spot in trending designs.

Featured Homepages & Sliding Panels

An example of illustrated webpages lies in featured homepages describing the website and regularly sliding panels highlighting products at the top of the page.

Animations & Circular Elements

Animations are an excellent approach to holding the attention of the visitor to the website. Animated effects are used to graphically describe a particular product/service for which the website has been built. While, the use of circles for description purposes is an easy, clean and compatible with every layout.

Vertical Navigation

Vertical navigation panels have not been a famous design for various web sites. While many creative designers have attracted other designers to this view by creating some elegant designs and has put this design into the latest trends.

Social Media Badges

The success of a website depends primarily on the marketing of a website. Marketing through social media is becoming a vital component of successful marketing of a website. Almost all the online social communities have their own badges for sharing on different websites that can be pinned at any place in a layout over an article or a blog. These badges help a reader quickly share the content of a website on popular social networking websites.

Deep Box Shadows

Deep shadowed boxes are trending in web designs today, where the shadows of boxes infused with the modern designs of a website provide an attractive effect. This effect gives an amazing look to the website without reducing the aesthetic value of the website. The implementation of this design seemed to be difficult before because of the need for long and difficult codes of Javascript or some other elements. With the introduction of CSS, this design can be created with simple script code.

Blurred Backgrounds

The use of a blurred background adds to the depth of a website and enhances the visual interest of the viewer. This design helps to grab the attention of the viewer towards the main content or visual elements of a website. These designs also translate easily to mobile versions of websites without compromising on the impact of the design. The background added is not meant to provide any message to the viewer; rather, it is there to provide a viewpoint that the content visible clearly holds more significance.

All these designs have gained a high popularity among designers and have been proved very successful in attracting a huge number of visitors. The user interface is the first preference for the design of a website that is created today, which these designing trends aim to provide to the user. A lot of examples can be found over the internet with the implementation of these latest design trends.