Collection of amazingly creative 3D street art works

April 14, 2017 DESIGNirvana 0

3D street art has its roots back to the ancient Greek era. A perspective 3D art is a two-dimensional artwork done using chalk on a surface, which gives us a 3-dimensional optical illusion when looked at from a certain perspective. These creative 3D chalk art look very realistic once you get the correct angle. It requires great talent to generate a 3D view out of a 2D chalk hand painting. These street graffiti works are done by very talented artists who specialize in perspective drawing.

3D street drawings are getting enormous appreciation these days. Many corporate brands nowadays are making use of the possibility of street drawing for advertising and brand promotion activities. Here is a collection of around fifteen breathtaking 3D street perspective artworks. All these exceptional artworks are bookmarked with the original URL. Each of these images has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these artworks for inspiration, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

The Bridge – 3D Street Art By Nikolaj Arndt

The Bridge – 3D street art by Nikolaj Arndt

Crocodiles Eat 3D Street Art

Crocodiles eat 3d art by Nikolaj Arndt

3D Street Art By Leon Keer

3D street art combined with Augmented Reality at LelystArt festival by Leon Keer

Panda Bears 3D-Street Drawing

Panda Bears 3D street drawing by Nikolaj Arndt

Cracks On Road 3D Street Art

Cracks on road 3D Street Art

Road Safety – Perspective Street Art

Road Safety – Perspective street 3D art

3d Street Art For Indiestad Festival

3d street art for Indiestad festival

Chess With The Dalai Lama – 3D Street Painting

3D Street Painting – Chess with the Dalai Lama / Tracy Stum

3D Street Painting – Jaguar Temple

3D Street Painting – Jaguar Temple by Tracy Stum

Tiger Street 3D Art

Tiger street 3D Art

3 Cranes – 3D Street Painting

3D Street Painting – 3 Cranes / Tracy Stum

Indian Fantasy – 3D Street Painting

3D Street Painting – Indian Fantasy by Tracy Stum

Beautiful 3D Street Grafitti

Beautiful 3D Street Grafitti


10 easy and powerful online resources to create free websites

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A website is becoming an integral part of the success of any business establishment. The tendency of building a new website from its scratch has gone. People want to save time and it raises the need for ready-made website designing tools. We have so many such website builder tools available today for both free of cost and for some nominal charges. You just need to focus only on other important aspects of your website such as the content, branding, typography, etc. Your business whether it is online or offline certainly needs your web presence. Instead of doing it yourself or paying high fees to professionals, you can simply do it through these easy web designing tools.

You should have a clear idea about the layout, content, branding, etc. As long as you are ok with that, the web designing tools that we are going to discuss here will guide you in the web design process. Using these free website builder tools, you can simply and quickly create a quality website and make it up and running online.

Below are some of those highly powerful yet simple online tools/resources with the help of which you can create a quality website in minutes.

1. WIX

WIX is a free tool that lets you create and even host your website online. They have an easy to use simple interface. They have a huge repository of templates using the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Most of these templates are responsive, therefore you can make sure that your website is accessible on all devices including a computer and other handheld devices. Here, the basic things are offered free, but if you wish to use some advanced features like removing ads from your website or linking some other websites to yours may cost some fees.

2. Getshopped

With Getshopped, you can set up your eCommerce website for free. It is also possible to create free webpages, websites, and blogs using Getshopped. It offers a facility to sell your products online. Getshopped has integration with major payment processors like PayPal, Google Checkout, etc. therefore, you can be assured of security in all your payments through Getshopped.

3. Jimdo

It is another free tool for creating your website online. Just sign up with them and follow the given link to create your webpage. Customize your webpage, as you want it to be. For the upgrades, you may be required to pay some dollars. The upgrades include some special features and custom newsletters that make the website more interactive.

4. Yola

Yola is another cool website building facility, it has a great collection of beautiful templates with a lot of customization options. Yola offers a variety of easy to use tools and services along. The highlight of Yola is the free web hosting services they offer.

5. Google sites

Google, a well-known brand offers the facility to create webpages easily. If you already own a Google account, then you can easily access Google sites and create your own website for free. You can even add some other contributors to your site through Google sites. You will get lots of customization options in the administration area, using which you can create a unique website.

6. Webnode

From scratch to end, you can create a perfect website using Webnode. The tool provides you all simple ways to create an excellent website. The major advantage with Webnode is they do not put any ads on your website. In addition to that, their interface is much easier than any other interface and perfect for the beginners in web designing.

7. IM Creator

Wanna make your own site for free? Do it easily with IM Creator. Even a beginner in web designing can come up with such a perfect and professional website with the help of IM Creator. It offers all simple ways to create a website.


8. Edicy

If you are in a need to create a website urgently and most importantly to make it alive on the internet in a matter of minutes, then the best choice is to go with Edicy. No extra software needed and therefore, no extra time for your works. Just choose any of the readymade template designs and get your website done in minutes.

9. 350 pages

350 pages let you create your website in a simple way, but the special part is you can edit your webpages from anywhere at any time. No download or installation is necessary as everything is loaded on a stable secure server.



10. doTemplate

It is a specially designed free website template creator. You have the option to download all the available templates. However, you can also make many customizations online before downloading. It’s really an awesome tool for beginners.


How to make your app site look irresistible and awesome

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Since you are reading this article on a computer or mobile devices, I hope that it is safe to assume that you have at a certain point of your life have actually used mobile applications. In fact, unless you are not using those bulky and UN-smartphones that are on the verge of oblivion, you are mostly like to use some apps on a regular basis.

In fact, there are no such things as too many apps. We simply cannot get enough of them because apps are seriously making our lives simpler and bearable. Ok, it seems that you are not willing to agree. Well, in that case, I would request you to turn off all the apps that are currently running on your Smartphone and tablet computer and try to spend a week without them.

Don’t even think about it because if you dare to do such an insane thing, it will make your life really miserable. Apps help us manage things when they become unmanageable and simplify the way we try to live our complex lives and of course not to forget the fact that apps make our lives more bearable.

Now, there are hundreds and thousands of apps are out there but only a few of them make it to the top. So, as you can understand, in this cut-throat competition, the only way to survive and gain popularity is by doing something different from the other.

Of course, you have to follow the basic tenets of social media marketing; I mean the app needs to have a website where people can gather information from. A typical website meant for marketing app usually tells us what the app is all about and why the visitors should get this app installed on their devices. But these are those basic things that everyone around is doing and that means, if you wish to make a cut here, you have to go beyond this:

Try the boring Idea of A Landing Page

Of course, your website is meant for making people aware of the fact that your app exists, but the website has a larger and bigger role to play. The purpose of your website is to get people to use your app. You can educate them and can make them believe that your App is going to revolutionize the way they live, but unless you push and convince them, they are not really gonna use your app.

So, here comes the importance of incorporating some of the most common ingredients of a landing page into your website so that the readers take action and you will see visible change. These changes will have a positive impact on the user experience front.

The good thing is, you would not have to make any drastic change for making people take desired actions. Just put the focus on Call to Action Button. Make people aware of what is going to happen when they click on the ‘Call to Action’ button and also make sure that you have described in proper English what your app is going to do in the Above the Fold section of your website.

However, if I am not asking much, you need to use your graphic design skills to create some nice images of the app in action and bulleted points in the page to make your proposition more strong and robust.

Try to Narrate A Nice Story

Well, check any other App based websites and you will see the front page is stuffed with technicalities or in other words technical specifications about the app. From the perspective of a website owner, it might appear that the website is doing a great job but in reality, you are devastating all your chances.

When you are presenting specifications about your app directly to your visitors, there are good chances that they will be comparing and contrasting them with other apps. Well, I hope that this is not what you actually intended. In that case, it would be better if you can tell a story instead.

By telling a story, you will make it easier for people to relate to the app. And of course, the app needs to be believable. Please do not come up with another boring story describing how your app has solved the problems of a writer struggling with keeping distractions at a bay [if your app happens to be something to do with managing distractions]. That would not be enough to make a cut

Rather, you should try this. Narrate how a writer was facing trouble, lost his girlfriend and all that sort of stuff as he failed to concentrate on his writing and how your nice and shiny app solved all problems and helped him reunited with his girlfriend. How does that sound? I hope your targeted audience is going to appreciate this.

Do Not Focus on Screenshot of the App heavily

It is quite expected that you are going to put the focus on the screenshots of the app so that the visitors can understand how it is going to solve their problem. There is a better way to do this. Rather than following this often trodden path, why not feature a man or woman telling how the app has solved their problems.

A video would be great, however, if you cannot manage that, it is okay still. You can feature images of an average Emily or Joe holding a phone with your app in action. It will be a powerful impact on the audience and they will get to see that people are actually using your app and they are getting benefited from it.

Try To Match Your App With Your Design

Though this one is quite common, I think it would not hurt you if I reiterate the fact that your app and your website design should complement one another. What I mean to say is that if your app is simple and has a sober color combination, you should not make your website [where you will be promoting] complicated and it should also not have a riot of colors.