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  • 5 reasons why e-commerce has blown away other sectors

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    The e-commerce sector has grown by leaps and bounds. It continues to progress and evolve while experiencing high levels of growth both in developing and developed markets. A number of non-banking players have entered the fray, which are aiding the e-commerce market in its growth. Asia has become the biggest e-commerce industry in the world with sales increasing at a rate of 20.7% per annum. The craze of online shopping has increased beyond expectations. The use of smartphones, ingenious payment products, and broadband connections, has helped in its growth. However, security still remains a big concern. Merchants are endeavoring to

  • 15 Tools to make Mind-Mapping easy and efficient

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    mindnode Mind Mapping Tool

    Mind mapping is a visual rendition of information via a diagram. Mind mapping is usually used for sketching out a plan, brainstorm ideas or to create concentrate guidelines as to how to materialize a plan.  Generally, a single word or idea is placed at the center of a mind map and other texts and ideas are then interwoven and added to that mind map. This gives a vivid visual presentation of how an idea can be materialized. This is much more effective than presenting raw data in some boring format that has some kind of sleep inducing effects on the

  • 7 Uniquely beautiful online shopping interfaces

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    Online shopping has become more and more popular day after day and new shopping websites are being introduced almost every day with unique and innovative features. Now days with the change in the lifestyles, there is vast and drastic change in people’s shopping habits. People hate shopping in crowds and they are searching for unique and quality products for less in the convenience of their home. Since online shopping eliminates the middlemen, consumers can purchase things directly from the buyer in real time. This is the main reason why online shopping sites are able to give frequent discounts and offers

  • Collection of more than 15 funny web design related comic strips

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    Web design for free comic

    It’s always good to start the day with some fresh humor. It has the power to release your stress and make you feel good. Many researches shows that people who laugh more live longer. Comic strips has its roots in the late 19th century, however the art form which combines words and pictures evolved gradually, and there are many examples of proto-comic strips. The first thing most people look for in a newspaper is the comic strip which usually portrays the present political happenings or incidents in a funny way. Now with the popularity of internet, comic strips started gaining

  • Amazing latte art collection

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    Low on detail but big on personality; a panda design is a simple but characterful subject for this design.

    While most coffee drinkers would agree that making a good latte is an art in itself, there are other ways you can unleash your creativity using your coffee machine. Latte art is the term that applies to the patterns made in the milk foam that tops your favourite cup of Joe. Baristas in coffee shops spend a long time training how to make a flawless espresso, and the patterns that top your drink are the cherry on top. We’re all familiar with the pretty leaf and floral designs you commonly find, many of which were popularised by the renowned barista