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Web Site Development and Design (UI/UX)

As the technological boundaries shift and bandwidth increases, sites all over the Internet are showcasing Web 2.0 web site design and technologies. The developers in our web design company have years of experience working with a wide variety of programming languages, database technologies, and computer hardware. Whether you’re interested in adding a blog, building a contact form, or redesigning your entire web presence, we can work with you and your technical team to provide a web page design and solution that will seamlessly be integrated into your current site architecture and website design technology.

Custom WordPress Content Management System

WordPress Content Management SystemWhile managing your online presence the need may arise to periodically make changes to your site. This is where the need for a content management system comes into play. Also known as a CMS. A web design company can provide you with a full content management system that gives you complete control over your online presence and web page design. We can also work within your existing content management system allowing you to refresh your site’s web page design while maintaining the familiarity of your existing website design and workflow. Find Out More

E-Commerce Web Site Development

The team of experts at San Diego Web Design company will help you get your online store off the ground. By utilizing W3C standards and leading search engine optimization web site design techniques, DesigNirvana ensures that your new eCommerce web site design will not only look and function great, but gives you the ability to gain maximum ROI on your SEO campaigns. We work with all of the popular eCommerce website design platforms including Magento™, Ubercart, Joomla!® and Yahoo!® Merchant Services to name a few. Embark upon your next eCommerce web site design or development project with DesigNirvana.

It would truly be a feat to create a website that is entirely self optimizing, however many companies embark upon website development projects and find out their site’s architecture prevents them from taking full advantage of their search engine optimization campaigns. We pride ourselves in offering search engine friendly web development services that not only engages the user but meets your company’s SEO goals.

SEO friendly web development servicesAt DesigNirvana web development company, our website development services ensure high visibility and traffic to your site first, and then build an engaging user experience on top of that strong, SEO foundation.

If you are in the initial stages of building your website, you are in the perfect position for SEO friendly web development services. Building on a structure of search engine optimization is ideal, and will make any kind of updates easier in the future.

If you have a functioning website that’s been up for several years, it’s not too late – we can help you too! We can restructure your site design for search engine optimization to attract customers, give them a great experience and turn their interest into ROI for your business or company.

Our website development company takes a two-sided approach to our SEO friendly website development services with both web design and web development with an SEO mentality. Our designers create the layout of your site with SEO guidelines in mind, then our web development technicians implement proven SEO techniques that can help put your site at the top of the search engine rankings.

The SEO experts at our web site development company have years of experience working with a wide variety of programming languages, database technologies, and computer hardware. Whether you’re interested in adding a blog, building a contact form, or redesigning your entire web presence, we can work with you and your technical team to provide SEO web development services that will seamlessly be integrated into your current site architecture and technology.


How to integrate Google Plus Commenting feature in WordPress blog

July 3, 2017 DESIGNirvana 0

Yes all of us are familiar with the development now that Google+ has added Google+ comments in the WordPress comments section now. Let’s accept it, we all love to see comments on our blogs as they signify recognition and to some extent, appreciation and WordPress being the best Content Management System attracts most of them. Now with Google+ too as a part of it, we have much more to look forward to in terms of getting comments on our posts and commenting on others to fuel interaction. However, lately people have been facing glitches in terms of adding the Google Plus comment system to their WordPress sites and there are more than one way to add this comment system to your site, be it through Code, Code for Thesis or through the ample number of plugins available.

Let us discuss in detail about Google+ comment system, the advantages and disadvantages it has and the process to add them to your WordPress website.

Google+ Comments: Pros and Cons

Though Facebook is still ahead, Google+ too has been able to gather a number of users with its sleek looking comment systems and the promise to increase their visibility which is why the whole Google+ comment system has come up. In terms of pros, we cannot deny the fact that it is Google at the end of the day, the king of SEO and it will definitely increase your followers and visibility. Another factor is that the Google+ comments will fuel your interaction with other bloggers which will ultimately be good for you. The other reasons would be the convenience of syncing with the Gmail account and the ability to just sign in with your Gmail account and get access to WordPress as well, and the other benefit or the SEO benefits which Google is known for. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes or breaks your presence over the internet, which is why factors like page rankings and keywords hold so much importance. We also know Google is the most frequently used search engines ever and if you will use their own comment system, your posts are likely to score better when people enter the related keywords. This is a huge benefit of having the Google+ Comment System added to your WordPress site.

Enough of pros, now let’s get familiarized with a few cons as well. The disadvantages come in with things like unofficial plugins and nothing official from Google’s end till date, which means less convenience as the comments will have to be checked manually. This is because there is no notifications option present to track down the comments or replies you received on your blog. Also, a few might be worried about losing their comments as well, as though it seems next to impossible, some of us are paranoid enough to consider that Google will shut down one day and all our comments will be lost. Though far fetched, this uncertainty too can be counted as a con to Google+ comments.  This is all to it and now we jump to the tips to add Google+ comments to WordPress sites.

Adding Google+ Comments

This won’t be the toughest job you have done on your WordPress site and involves the download, installation, and activation of the Google+ Comments for WordPress Plugin. Once you have activated it, you will be able to gain control over it through Comments >> G+Comments. Not just Google+, you now will also be able to add other platforms like Facebook and other default WordPress comments and you can now choose the way the comments want to be placed. This can be done by going to Comments >> G+Comments, which will ultimately lead to its configuration.

Google+ is great also because it gives you the option of adding the tabbed commenting area which means that now you can also include other comments, as mentioned above. The other platforms include Facebook, Disqus and Default WordPress comments. The other features which this plugin provides you with include being able to arrange the order and the platforms which you would want to be displayed in the comments section and changing the label of each tab according to your own choice. Once you are done making all the needed changes, the next step is to click on the Save Changes button so that your changes aren’t lost. Once it is done it will be ready to be used.

Definitely, the pros outweigh the cons and it will not be a bad thing for you to use Google+ comments on your and other blog posts and WordPress websites. The whole process of adding Google+ comment system is also not a very tough task which makes it even easier for people to avail benefits of what Google has to offer us, in the best way possible.