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  • Main reasons why an eCommerce businesses fail?

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    reasons for ecom business failure

    The internet has really changed our lives in a big way over the past decade. Since the revolution started in the 90’s, many of the business owners started exploring this popular platform in terms of business expansion, which in turn, contributed to the concept of eCommerce website development. Now, it is a fact that majority of people make use of the internet and web stores to do purchasing or to conduct pre-purchase research. But the fact remains that eCommerce market is still at its infancy stage. It has potential, but one needs to tap into this realm wisely. Many new

  • Outsource Everything – Infographic

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    vintage polaroid photograph

    You’re busy with important stuff like helping end users figure out where to find the “Any” key and ensuring that clients’ online storefronts are not de-indexed by Google. You don’t have time for mundane tasks like filtering junk email or booking a plane flight for the next family holiday get-together. Through the magic of technology with a guiding human hand, you don’t have to. If you’re willing to part with the necessary cash, you can free yourself from time-sucking but necessary tasks such as answering phone calls, scheduling meetings and updating your social media profiles. While it is true that

  • How to integrate Google Plus Commenting feature in WordPress blog

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    Yes all of us are familiar with the development now that Google+ has added Google+ comments in the WordPress comments section now. Let’s accept it, we all love to see comments on our blogs as they signify recognition and to some extent, appreciation and WordPress being the best Content Management System attracts most of them. Now with Google+ too as a part of it, we have much more to look forward to in terms of getting comments on our posts and commenting on others to fuel interaction. However, lately people have been facing glitches in terms of adding the Google

  • 10 unique social networking apps for your smartphone

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    Social networking is the process of building social relations with people who share similar interests or people from similar backgrounds. The social networking practice is mostly carried out using a web based online application or interface. These online applications are commonly referred to as social networking sites. There are a number of highly popular social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus etc. Today almost all people who know how to access the internet will have an account with any of the above mentioned social networking websites. A recent report published on techcrunch states that, more than 50%

  • Cool looking google plus business pages of top brands

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    BMW google plus business page

    Google has recently launched google plus business pages which will enable businesses or brands connect with fans in a manner similar to Facebook Pages. With the help of google+ business pages, the company can start sharing information about their product or services and invite others to join in on the conversation. Even though Facebook pages are still more popular among business giants, google plus is increasingly gaining trust and popularity among the business community. Here is a showcase of more than 20 google plus business pages of top brands world wide. All the images are linked to their official google