It feels great when we, online marketers, see that the number of visitors to our websites or to our clients website is rising steadily. Client is happy, our boss is happy and the world is again a happy place. But hold on a second. Have you ever wondered what the heck these visitors are doing on the website? Are they getting converted or they are just hanging around before bouncing back in a jiffy? Well, I am well aware of the fact that this is our not task [conversion optimizers are supposed to jump in here]; but still it does not make any sense if all our efforts to build brand and increase traffic to a website finally come to this. I know this is frustrating. So, before you start digging down the details, here are the few things that you need to know about the behaviors of the visitors when they are on a website:

Visitors Do Scroll Down:

Yeah, I know that it sounds like blasphemy because this goes against what every designer and marketer have been taught for years. Designers are being forced to get all the important elements featured on the “Above the Fold” section. Though there is no denying of the truth that it is the ‘Above the Fold’ section that draws maximum attention of the visitors, people do scroll down. Study shows that people spend 80% of the total time spent on a web page on the ‘Above The Fold’ section and rest 20% quite expectedly is spent on the below the fold section.

Visitors Do Scroll Down

I have nothing against the use of prominent elements in the above the fold but at the same time, you need to make sure that footer section of the page has some crucial elements like a great CTA button. It will help you convert some potential clients. And of course if your web page is long, the layout has to be encouraging enough otherwise, your visitors may not feel like scrolling down the page completely to find out what it has in store.

People Follow F Shaped Pattern:

Thanks to the numerous heatmap tests, we have finally come to the conclusion that people follow F-shaped pattern when they are reading something on the web. So, if you believe that people are going to read word by word whatever you have written there in the body copy, you could not be more than mistaken. People do not read texts online rather they skim. They read the Headlines, following sub headings and first few lines and then they start skimming through the content.

People Follow F Shaped Pattern

So that means, if you are spreading the most important information about your service, product or whatever it is throughout the body copy, it is highly likely that people are going to miss out on them. To make the most of this F-shaped reading pattern, you need to present the most important texts at the top most position.

Don’t make your page look Like an Advert:

Since people are getting bombarded with ads whenever they visit a webpage, they tend to ignore things that even bear slightest semblance of an advertisement. And for that reason, you should be avoiding banner ad like plague. Now when I said you should be avoiding banner ads, I mean to say you need to avoid using any element that may look like a banner advertisement. It could be anything like – texts, videos, images or their combination.

Images – It is not how they lo0k, it is where they look:

It is a good practice to use images of people in the landing page design. It helps people relate themselves with the persona used there. The quality of the image used is certainly a big factor in making or breaking a landing page but the quality of the image is certainly not the only factor that will be going to play decisive role here. Where the persona is looking at is the most crucial thing because people are going to follow the direction of the model’s eyes.

Images – It is not how they lo0k, it is where they look

So , if you are planning to feature an image of a bikini clad model in the landing page to draw attention of the people to that page, you have to make sure that the model is looking at the content otherwise, people will be ignoring the message that you are trying to deliver. By making a nice looking model with an awkward facial expression looking at the content of the landing page you can make people notice your message which will eventually go a long way to ensure higher conversion rate.

Feature Discount Price Along With Original Price:

Feature Discount Price Along With Original Price

Since people are fickle minded and can leave your website at the drop of a hat, you need to keep remembering the benefits of staying on your website. So, it would be great if you feature original price of the product along with the discounted price. This will have a positive impact on visitors as they can see the benefit in the form of discounted prices prominently on the landing page.

Look At Your Left:

It has been observed that people tend to give most attentions to things that are on the left when they are browsing web. By that token, you should be featuring value proposition of your website on the left and if you wish to make it easier for your visitors to get in touch with you, you can add “Call To Action” text on the right. Almost 70% of the total viewing time is spent on the left side of the web page and therefore, you should be featuring the most vital thing about your service on that section.

This guest article was written by, Michael Evans, who is associated with MotoCMS and he loves helping small business organizations overcome.