Typography is known as the art of making language visible by arranging and styling type. Typography which has its roots in the ancient Greek days now has evolved into a separate branch that includes computers and modern technologies. Even though the basic idea remains the same, the ways and techniques got changed radically. Typography is the center point of modern day graphic / web design industry. Designers spend a considerable amount of their time for typography techniques. To simplify the process of designing and arranging types, they typically use many tools and softwares.

Here we have collected some of those brilliant online typography tools to make the life of designers easier. All these online tools are linked to its original source.

Let’s start with a brilliant font identification tool called What Font is.

What Font is

What font is – a stunning free online typography tool using which you can easily identify a particular font from an image. The font identification task is pretty simple using this brilliant online font identification tool, simply upload the image which has the font which you want to identify. The system will identify the font in that image in no time. You need to make sure that the text you want to identify is written in a single line in the image. The image must be in jpg, gif or png file format. WhatFontIs is becoming more and more popular mainly because of its simplicity, ease of use and accuracy.


Fillerati is an online placeholder text generator which comes as an alternative to the popular lorem ipsum filler text which has been used by graphic designers and web designers widely in their design mockups. This beautiful tool lets you choose text from different books. You have the option to generate text as paragraph, list or heading. The interface looks really cool and user friendly.

Font Burner

Fontburner comes as a website typography enhancement tool that makes it easier for webmasters to add new fonts to their websites. It gives us the freedom to think beyond those old boring default fonts. Fontburner has a huge repository of more than 1000 brilliant fonts to choose from. Adding cool new fonts using fontburner is really simple. All you need to do is to select the font and add a chunk of code to the html head section.

CSS Type Set

CSS Type Set is a really useful typography tool that allows designers and developers to interactively test and learn how to style their web page text content. Using CSS type set interactive interface we can easily test and generate CSS code based on your typography requirements. This brilliant typography tool can act as real time saver at times of serious work preassure.


Wordle is an online tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The word clouds give greater importance to those words which appear more often in the source text. We have the options to tweak the clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Using wordle we can generate high quality word cloud images for print. Bloggers can use this word cloud generator tool for generating custom tag clouds and keyword clouds.

Rainbow Text Color Fader

Rainbow Text Color Fader is handy online tool to generate beautiful gradient. These colorful gradient text is suitable for using in email campaigns, forum posts, blog posts etc. This tool have options to set up to 20 different colors with horizontal / vertical fade effects. It also have color presets to make things more easier.


FontStruct is a free online font creation tool. It lets you create quality true type fonts very quickly and easily. FontStruct has an interactive font editor using which you can easily create your font and save it as high quality true type font which is compatible with Mac or PC. You can also explore through a huge gallery of user created fonts, you may even modify any of those fonts to make a custom variation of your own.


The Typetester is an online typography tool for the comparison of fonts for the screen. The primary objective of this handy tool is to make the life of web designer easier. Using its interactive user interface, we can easily compare different fonts and its attributes real-time on a webpage. It helps the webdesigner choose the right font for their design based on various factors such as readability, style, beauty etc. TypeTested interface allows to compare 3 fonts at a time and its variants such as bold, italic, bold italic, uppercase, smallcaps etc