What comes to your mind when you see the cover of a magazine like New York Times? Or, perhaps the style magazine Allure? Stunning! That perhaps sums up what you feel. Don’t be upset; designers who create such cover pages are human too!

It’s true that designing the cover for a magazine isn’t easy; but it’s possible to overcome the challenges you face on the way with intelligence and creativity. The first thing you need to understand is that you mustn’t think it similar to a website design.

How do you accomplish the task of creating a stunning magazine cover? Let’s start at the very beginning. And go on to help you cross every hurdle you may face on your road to complete the same.

Get Inspired

ArcEven the best designers get stuck up at times. Don’t let this ruin your task. Be on the constant lookout for inspirational designs. It may be a good idea to maintain a folder of the designs you like.

When you are stuck, just scroll through the folder to get a view of designs you like. Or, even better take a long walk or a long drive. Relaxation of the mind is the essential first step to take up the task.

Plan Every Detail

CollectA magazine cover must attract, intrigue and fascinate the readers. Otherwise, they may not even give purchase a second thought. It is imperative that you plan every detail of what you include on the cover before you start.

Don’t be mistaken; a single plan may not do. You may come across a thousand hurdles on the way – the letters don’t fit the space, the colors don’t work well together, the main image doesn’t look good and so on. Have a backup plan as well.

Play up the Style

ElleEvery magazine cover must reflect the essence of the magazine. Pay attention to the design and layout of the cover followed through the years. It will give you helpful hints about what to do and what not to do.

Don’t mistake the template as a rulebook. It isn’t. But if you continue with the same framework, it becomes easier to correspond to the taste of the target readers. Take a look at the issues of Allure. Every cover page has the same basic template.

Get Typography Right

Fukt1If it is right, readers will have the interest to buy it. If it isn’t, they won’t even bother. There are no hard and fast rules. You just need to opt for typography that goes well with the concept and easy to comprehend.

Another thing to keep in mind is the hierarchical arrangement. You cannot miss to put the important elements in bigger, bolder letters and preferably in a different color. Your design dictates whether a page is interesting or boring.

Arrange the Elements

New York MagazineThink of it as a big jigsaw puzzle. Unless you get the right pieces at the right place, things won’t look good. This often takes the most time. But don’t let this bother you. It’s the most important part of the task.

The title, headings, subheadings, text, ads, images and all other elements need to be in appropriate proportions to make a winning magazine cover. And all of it needs to be at the appropriate positions too.

Keep within Budget

the RoomIt isn’t easy to come up with a stunning cover design for a magazine if you are hard pressed for money. You need the images and icons in the least. The good news is that stock-art websites and photo-sharing platforms make it simpler.

You can also tie up with photographers and illustrators for a continuous supply of content for the magazine cover. Make a deal with them and offer them work continuously, and you can get a good bargain on price of their work.

Acquire Mastery over Printers

TransWorld SurfIf you aren’t sure about how the printers will behave, even your best designs may be messed up. As a designer, you need to understand the way printers work and transform your ideas into reality.

Unless you are sure about how the magazine cover design will come out in print, it isn’t possible to create something stunning. If you use your printer properly, you won’t even face simple but annoying issues like too small text or too blurry images.

This guest article was written by Evans, who is a passionate blogger and budding designer. He is currently associated with DiscountStickerPrinting.co.uk. Click here to find out more about Discount Sticker Printing.