Cool beautiful wallpapers from all niche comes under this category. This section mainly includes wallpaper showcases from various quality sources. Top quality high resolution desktop wallpaper designs, HD wide screen wallpapers, iPhone and iPad wallapers and many other wallpapers frequently added here.

  • 15 High resolution wallpapers in yellow color

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    Sliced limes wallpaper

    Kids, teens, youth, elders everyone loves wallpapers. People really love to change the wallpaper image of their electronic gadgets, whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, gaming console, music player or any other gadget which have a screen. Wallpapers are the best and easiest way to personalize your electronic gadget. Simply changing the wallpaper alone can bring some freshness to the overall user experience. Generally, kids love colorful wallpapers, youngsters like trendy wallpaper designs and elders usually prefer light color wallpapers for inspiration. If you have basic idea about any of the graphic design tools, you can easily

  • 20+ most creative typography wallpaper designs

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    its just typography - Its just cool wallpaper by SpiderIV

    Typography is defined as the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Typography is performed by any person who arranges the type for a product, it can be a graphic designer, web designer or fashion designer. Whether it be graphic design or web design, typography is considered as the most vital component of design industry. A good and sensible use of typography can make any design attractive and user-friendly at the same time. Typography is really important while designing wallpapers that are meant to communicate some idea or thought. Sensible use of typographic techniques can

  • Collection of beautiful wallpapers in green color

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    Download Green Leaf HD & Widescreen Nature & Landscape Wallpaper

    Green color is one of the most refreshing color in the color spectrum, it is the most soothing shade to the human eyes. It is a known fact that green colour can generate lot of positive energy, that might be the main reason why people prefer tourist spots with lot of greenery to spend their vacation. Simply looking at a beautiful green wallpaper will take your stress away. Here is a collection of more than 15 beautiful and high resolution widescreen HD wallpapers and background images from various sources. All of these images are linked to its original source. The

  • Free high resolution wallpapers exclusively for designirvana readers

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    beautiful blue bubbles in blue background wallpaper

    We rely heavily on beautiful wallpapers to personalize our computers, tablets, mobiles or any other electronic gadgets. A beautiful eye-catching wallpaper never misses to attract the audience attention, at the same time it enables us a fresh and inspiring interaction. Simply looking at a beautiful high definition wallpaper can relieve stress as well as make you feel good at times of serious work pressure. Here we have a created more than 15 exclusive high quality wallpapers in blue and black color for our readers. You can download these free wallpapers for personal and commercial projects at free of charge. What

  • 20+ High quality comic cartoon character wallpapers for kids

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    Tom And Jerry Cartoon HD Wallpapers HD Wallpapers Arena

    You’re never too old for cartoons. No matter how old you are, cartoons are there to entertain. Some popular cartoon characters like Mickey mouse, Bugs bunny, Tom & Jerry, Pink panther, Popeye, Spiderman, Batman etc are as endearing to grown-ups as kids. Cartoons or comics are famous among all age groups mainly because it got the magical ability to lighten up our moments. Till this moment we all watched several such cartoon or comic characters but some of them seem to have caught our hearts for a long time and continue to top charts. Here we have collected some of