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  • Collection of modern contemporary kitchen designs

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    Modern orange kitchen design work by WamHousE Chojnice, Poland

    Kitchens are no more a place just to cook and serve food, it has become an important part in modern architecture and interior design concepts. For architects and interior designers, kitchen is the right space to apply their innovative and creative senses. Modern Kitchen design trends vary from modular kitchen to open kitchen or from a conventional to contemporary kitchen design or a combination of these. These design trends changes very rapidly. Modern contemporary design with minimalist theme has become the favorite topics these days among interior designers. Giving a modern contemporary look to a kitchen is not an easy

  • Modern contemporary home design trends and ideas

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    Private Contemporary Residence in Johannesburg by Design Partnership

    There are so many factors that people will consider while designing their dream home. The location, budget, style, design and lot many other factors. Among all these factors most of them will definitely consider design or looks as the top most criteria. A good home design is one which inspires freshness to the body and soul. Modern contemporary home design is the trend these days followed especially by those people for who give major consideration to the style and looks of the house. A home with contemporary interior design will present a clean and elegant look. Here is a showcase

  • Beautiful kids bedroom design ideas for inspiration

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    Sweet Beautiful Kids Bedroom colorful design kids bedroom

    Every parent should pay extra attention while designing their little one’s bedroom. Kids love bright and unique colors, hence a kid’s bedroom is the right place for playing around with colors. Children have their own unique tastes in everything, some kids like cartoon characters the most, some others like cars and vehicles. The kid’s bedroom should be designed including all his favorite things whether it is a cartoon character, Car poster, Teddy bear or a Barbie doll. Kids bedroom designing is really a challenging task in interior design world. Here is a collection of more than fifteen beautiful and colorful

  • Showcase of Unique and innovative modern designer furnitures

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    Trad Project Wins the Third Industrially-Produced Designer Furniture Award

    Now a days designer furniture’s are becoming an integral part of modern interior design philosophy. These days most modern furniture designs go beyond merely innovative, crossing boundaries of conventional design practices and methods. These creative furniture designs break from tradition and stand out as centerpieces in their own right without the need for any further decoration. The modern breed of interior designers give priority to its innovative funky looks over other factors such as usability, space or price. Here we have collected more than 15 most modern contemporary designer furniture’s for your inspiration. All of these designs are linked to