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  • Using An Appropriate Coloring System While Designing Your Website

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    issues in color theory 2

    Buying and selling are no longer a haggle and waggle process. We have reached to such an advanced level of web development that we are not just using it for doing our work easy, but to disseminate and cater clients of business outright. To sell better, online sellers are now delving into neuromarketing to expand their customer and are covering intricate nuances that can plausibly affect the buying decision of a user. One of the important factors is color. The first impression is the last impression! Quite a cliché, but you cannot ignore this, and I am not the only

  • Web Design versus Graphic Design: Which is more important for the web?

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    How to Create a Polygonal Vector Mosaic

    John Naughton says in his Guardian post, how graphic designing is ruining the web, presenting various valid points and arguments. This post elicited many responses from the web community, coming from various noted blogs such as this and this.  While this is open discussion dates back to a couple of years, the relevance is not lost. The debate continues.  Why do people have problem with graphic design being a part of the web? John’s feature in The Guardian which basically started this debate raises a number of points, and most of them are not in the favor of graphic designers.

  • 7 Handy tips to create a wonderful magazine cover design

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    the Room3

    What comes to your mind when you see the cover of a magazine like New York Times? Or, perhaps the style magazine Allure? Stunning! That perhaps sums up what you feel. Don’t be upset; designers who create such cover pages are human too! It’s true that designing the cover for a magazine isn’t easy; but it’s possible to overcome the challenges you face on the way with intelligence and creativity. The first thing you need to understand is that you mustn’t think it similar to a website design. How do you accomplish the task of creating a stunning magazine cover?

  • 10 silly mistakes you should avoid in logo design

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    water ocean text typography icebergs  Wallpaper

    When I was young, Audi was an Olympian car for me with its logo resembling the five continental rings of Olympic Games.  If a golden arch “M” represents world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurant, then the same alphabet in “MTV” together stands for Music Television, an American cable television company. A logo is the representation of an organization as a graphic mark or emblem for instant public recognition. It’s like giving an identity, a name, a face to an organization, just like a “+” sign stands for medical assistance. Does it mean that one can just draw some

  • Premium quality poster templates for free download

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    Posters will always be remaining as an integral part of any marketing and promotional campaigns. With all the advancements in modern marketing technologies, conventional poster based marketing techniques are still enjoying the premium slot. The effectiveness of a poster in marketing campaign is reason for its popularity. Whether it is a movie or a party, the primary source of publicity is through the posters. At times the designers had to design and create a quality poster immediately, he may not get enough time to experiment his graphic design skills. These ready-made high quality poster templates can be of very useful