Now a days designer furniture’s are becoming an integral part of modern interior design philosophy. These days most modern furniture designs go beyond merely innovative, crossing boundaries of conventional design practices and methods. These creative furniture designs break from tradition and stand out as centerpieces in their own right without the need for any further decoration. The modern breed of interior designers give priority to its innovative funky looks over other factors such as usability, space or price.

Here we have collected more than 15 most modern contemporary designer furniture’s for your inspiration. All of these designs are linked to its original source. The images are bookmarked with the original URL, each of these image has its own copyright terms of usage. If you’d like to use one of these images, please contact the copyright owner for the right permission.

Trad Project Wins the Third Industrially-Produced Designer Furniture Award

Straight Line Designs – Knick Knack

Gorge Coffee Table gives a new dimension to home furniture

Straight Line Designs – Accordian

Storage Furniture Design of White and Black Kenn Brutal by Kenyon Yeh

Furniture Design: La Bande by Sarah Lovgren

Function table based on 3D visualizations Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

sofa design ideas Borghese Sofa By Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

The Form Follows Function Sofa Unique Design

Creative Sofa Design Ideas Versatile and Unique4 Creative Transformesr Sofa

Straight Line Designs – Sobey

Unique Wood Rocking Chair Design for Children Furniture by Lisa Albin Design 4

Straight Line Designs – Donald Cabinet

Furniture Designs which Combines of Sculpture and Chairs

Hotdog Sofa – Design By Karim Rashid