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  • Ultimate guide to impressive and flat design

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    LIL UI kit

    It can be very much stated that the bygone years have been the years of flat design. All have been busy trying different levels of flat design and trust us, flat design is ever trending and seems to continue doing so. If you are also one of them who is ready to get started bur are unsure about how you would go about it, we are there to help you explore them out right away. If you are interested in swimming out a bit deeper and test out the flat design waters, here we go. Flat design So what is

  • Top 15 most talked-about web design trends

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    Designing a website is a work of art and it requires complete knowledge of latest tools, trends and techniques. There have been new design trends coming in limelight from time to time and this changing trend has been there to attract and influence website visitors in a positive manner. As we move further with the latest design technologies, the web today is changing dynamically with vibrant updates. New website designs are aimed at easing the access of information, networking with social contacts and accomplishment of other tasks. Out of all the trending designs of the year, these 15 designs have

  • Major security concerns or risks invovled in HTML5 development

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    risks invovled in html5 development

    Security Risks in HTML5 HTML5 has been revolutionary change in the field of web development making websites more visually attractive and interactive. It has been the perfect answer to the growing demand for multi-device user needs. It has found great acceptance in the developer’s community with most businesses opting for HTML5 powered websites.  One of the greatest advantages of HTML5 is the fact that it has brought in a native app life feeling to websites bringing most of the features and functionalities to the client instead of the server as had been the norm for years. But with all these

  • 5 important tips to improve your website performance

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    Fresh App - Free Website PSD & Free PSDs

    Website has become a major tool for modern day business promotion, marketing and brand building strategies. New customers are being targeted through Internet marketing, social media and online advertising very effectively. Potential Customers are everywhere in the world, and social media provides an opportunity to go online and find new business quickly. In order to stand firm and to make their business base stronger, business start-ups should definitely have quality website in place. Online identity is equally important to companies and individual entrepreneurs who are looking to make their ideas famous and want to be heard. New business strategies define

  • How to make your app site look irresistible and awesome

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    mosaic app

    Since you are reading this article on a computer or mobile devices, I hope that it is safe to assume that you have at a certain point of your life have actually used mobile applications. In fact, unless you are not using those bulky and UN-smartphones that are on the verge of oblivion, you are mostly like to use some apps on a regular basis. In fact, there are no such things as too many apps. We simply cannot get enough of them because apps are seriously making our lives simpler and bearable. Ok, it seems that you are not