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  • Which web design approach will meet the next era of UX

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    adaptive web design - awd

    Web design is the paramount that helps attain viewer’s attention and keep them engaged with a website. An outdated web design will eventually push your website down in ranking and thus, will affect your site’s potential traffic. Though, it is quite hard to keep pace with the ever fluctuating web design trends but, it’s extremely essential to make your website boast a visually appealing and trendy design in order to maintain a successful online presence. With the advancement in the Internet and mobile technology, today, we have truckloads of devices in the market that possesses different platforms, screen size, hardware

  • Can Drupal be the right choice for mobile / web application development?

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    drupal for web app development

    Developing websites and applications for the mobile audience is quite different from developing the same for the desktop/laptop/tablet users. Whether you’re building a website/application for yourself or your clients, you need to be aware of this thin line of difference between developing for mobile  audience and for the laptop/desktop customers. Increasing customer loyalty and adding revenue have always been the sole reasons behind website/web app development. As an alert entrepreneur, you need to opt for a web development platform that renders you the flexibility of meeting both these reasons with excellence. With a wide range of web-based content management systems

  • Web Design versus Graphic Design: Which is more important for the web?

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    How to Create a Polygonal Vector Mosaic

    John Naughton says in his Guardian post, how graphic designing is ruining the web, presenting various valid points and arguments. This post elicited many responses from the web community, coming from various noted blogs such as this and this.  While this is open discussion dates back to a couple of years, the relevance is not lost. The debate continues.  Why do people have problem with graphic design being a part of the web? John’s feature in The Guardian which basically started this debate raises a number of points, and most of them are not in the favor of graphic designers.

  • How to create a 2014-ready website?

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    web design trends for 2014

    Here we stand at the dawn of yet another year. 2013 saw the birth of some new trends, while some trends disappeared altogether. Although this holds true for every industry, here we are concerned with the ever evolving world of Internet where things change constantly.  Even as we talk about it right now, new innovations are happening in the online industry. Web design, which is a natural extension of Internet, is experiencing a revolution of sorts and the coming year will see the culmination of some cool web design trends. Web design is the most important aspect of a website.

  • Ultimate guide to impressive and flat design

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    LIL UI kit

    It can be very much stated that the bygone years have been the years of flat design. All have been busy trying different levels of flat design and trust us, flat design is ever trending and seems to continue doing so. If you are also one of them who is ready to get started bur are unsure about how you would go about it, we are there to help you explore them out right away. If you are interested in swimming out a bit deeper and test out the flat design waters, here we go. Flat design So what is