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  • Using An Appropriate Coloring System While Designing Your Website

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    issues in color theory 2

    Buying and selling are no longer a haggle and waggle process. We have reached to such an advanced level of web development that we are not just using it for doing our work easy, but to disseminate and cater clients of business outright. To sell better, online sellers are now delving into neuromarketing to expand their customer and are covering intricate nuances that can plausibly affect the buying decision of a user. One of the important factors is color. The first impression is the last impression! Quite a cliché, but you cannot ignore this, and I am not the only

  • Whitespaces- A must-have design element for enhancing website usability

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    white space

    The world of web design is evolving at a faster rate, making the emergence and fading away of different web design trends. Originally coined in the print design industry, whitespace is a design element which has gathered a tremendous amount of recognition among website designers residing in different parts of the world. Keep on reading this post as I’ll be unveiling everything about whitespaces and their role in enhancing the overall usability of the website. What are Whitespaces? Popularly known as negative spaces, white spaces are basically the portions of a web page which have been left unmarked or blank.

  • The Most Embarrassing Designing Mistakes You Should Be Aware of

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    web design

    Designing a website can be a Herculean task, but the real challenge is how to make it useful and pleasing in the eyes of its visitors. The problem with most of the web designers is that they follow only what is “trending in”. They often forget that it’s the users and their needs which should be their priority. Once you enter into a creative field there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t do. Giving away usability and experience in front of creativity is what that most of the web designers often do. This can have a serious impact

  • Mobile UX dissection – The right approach to deliver remarkable user experiences

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    mobile ux dissection

    With an amazing population leveraging mobile technology to the fullest, the need for delivering finest mobile experiences has become vital. As an app developer, you can make sure that your mobile experience meets the end users’ expectations in the best possible manner. For this, a possible strategy is to identify the potential problems that can hamper the performance of your mobile application. With a detailed diagnosis of your app’s UX, you can even gather brilliant insights on redesigning the applications for enhanced functioning. So, keep on reading this blog to get a clear idea about mobile UX scrutiny which will

  • Designing drop down menus for iOS / Android – How does it all go?

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    dropdown menu

    The current trend of developing apps for iOS and Android devices has taken the smartphone world by a wave. Thanks to the innovative tools and methodologies that make it feasible for developers to create applications that can run flawlessly on multiple mobile platforms. With the sole aim of providing a fabulous user experience, mobile app developers have adopted a wide suite of techniques that have delivered proven results in the past. The way an app is designed has a huge impact on how the targeted users will be embracing it. Since everything on a mobile device mainly revolves around taps,