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  • Tips & Tricks to Make the Ultimate Digital Photo Book

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    Digital photo books are all the rage right now. They are easy to make, look extremely professional and are very affordable. They also make great gifts, can be used to commemorate life events such as a wedding or new baby and even be used as a recipe book or portfolio for businesses such as landscapers. Even though these books are fairly easy to make, there are still a number of tips and tricks that can be used to make them even better. If you want the most professional-looking digital photo book out there, keep the following in mind: Less is

  • 10 must follow high quality photoblogs

    By: admin on 06/19/13 11:21 PM No Comments » the photography blog which features random shots taken with a mobile phone. This beautiful photoblog publishes one random photo per day.

    The act of regularly posting photographs to a photoblog is known as Photoblogging. Unlike regular blogs where text is important, the focus is for photographs in a photoblog. Photoblogging is the easiest way of sharing photographs and images online. It is a combination of photo publishing and social networking. Photoblogging got more prominence with the popularity of camera phones. Photographing and publishing has become handier using a camera mobile phone with matter of a click. Photoblogs are usually run by photobloggers, most of them are photography enthusiasts or professional photographers who are interested in photo sharing and networking. Photo blogging

  • How to preserve vintage photographs – some useful tips

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    vintage polaroid photograph

    You can keep your Instagram and Hipstamatic; when it comes to shots with character, nothing beats the sepia hues of a vintage photograph. But how do you store them to make sure your precious memories stay safe and sound forever? You can’t stick them onto social media or back them up on an external hard drive. As a technology-savvy generation we’re more than accustomed to digital photographs and virtual storage systems. The practical side of photo preservation is something we’ve definitely lost touch with. Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you stop your favorite shots from getting

  • Stunning examples of beautiful fashion photography

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    Decorated Eye - Fashion Photography by Carsten-Witte

    Fashion photography is the area of photography which is mainly associated with costumes, dresses and models. Fashion photography is becoming a most important area in the photography industry. The number of professional photographers who specialize in fashion photography is rapidly increasing day after day. A talented fashion photographer must have detailed knowledge about the changing fashion trends, clothing styles and models. In other words, the fashion photographer should keep himself updated on the changing trends, technologies and industry standards. A perfect fashion photographer will always look for quality unique expressions in the model, because expressions play a very crucial role

  • Sunset photography- Amazing wallpaper collection

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    Fire Canoe - Sunset photography

    Sunset and sunrise is always the favorite topic for photographers and photography lovers. There are so many talented photographers who specialize in sunset photography. These photographers are so dedicated, that they will travel many miles around the world to find beautiful sunset spots. Sunset is the perfect time to test out your photography skills. It is really challenging task to find the perfect lighting conditions during the dawn. Perfect lighting conditions and clear sky is what photographers love during the sunset photography process. In this post we have a collection of more than 15 breathtaking and beautiful examples of sunset