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  • Collection of Incredibly creative photo manipulations

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    Tree Man - Photo manipulation

    Photo manipulation is a blend of photography and graphic design skillsets. Photo manipulation is technique which creates a realistic view of an imaginary picture. It requires extraordinary graphic design skills combined with unique creativity to create stunning photo manipulations. Often the term photo manipulation is also referred to as photoshopping. Photo manipulations are mostly done using softwares such as Photoshop or GIMP. Since it requires great amount graphic design skills to create stunning photo manipulations, graphic designers do this to showcase their creativity skills during their free time. Now a days we often see photo manipulation works on corporate advertisements

  • Showcase of beautiful booklets for design inspiration

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    This is a 16 page In-Design corporate business brochure perfect for company that needs clean, professional, modern template design.

    Booklets are tiny books or magazines which holds a very significant role in the field of advertising and marketing. A booklet usually contains 5 to 20 pages of data, which can be text, images, graphs or illustrations. Booklets are usually found at marketing fairs, conferences, job fairs etc where people gather in huge numbers. Booklets are usually used by companies to inform public about their products or services. They are marketing pieces widely used by companies to publicize their annual reports or for showcasing their portfolios or achievements. In order to serve the purpose, booklets need to be really attractive

  • Collection of beautiful and creative Valentine’s Day designs

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    Be mine - Valentines day greeting card

    Feb 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day worldwide, it is the celebration of love and bonding. Love is considered as the greatest and divine feeling in the world. The idea of reserving a special day for your loved ones is getting more and more acceptances around the world. A heart shaped outline, doves and winged cupid are often considered as the symbols of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is considered as the most celebrated day after New Year’s Day around the world. Lovers exchange gifts and greeting cards on this special day to express their love and care. This year’s Valentine’s